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Get honest. And get your life back.

Common area at Rick Ingram Ministries Inc.

Maybe you've been fighting your addiction. Or just got out of prison. Now what are you going to do?

You could go back to your old life. And the very triggers that got you off track in the first place. OR...

You could try something new. Invest some time in building your skills and making new habits that will help keep your sober. Find a community of people who get exactly where you've been and how you got there in the first place. Who can help you manage your sobriety, help you find a job, and help you reclaim your self-respect. Who can help you--perhaps most importantly of all--reconnect with family.

You'll find that community and support at Rick Ingram Ministries Transitional Living.

Get connected to what matters, hope and truth.

A clean, respectful environment

Living spaces shared with other clients, guided by expectations of respect for one another and daily maintenance and respect for the space we all share.

Job search assistance and job readiness

Having a job is a requirement for residents at Rick Ingram Ministries. We help you with your job search, along with providing resume and interviewing advice and support.

One-on-one guidance by qualified staff

Our staff can "talk the talk" because they've "walked the walk." With a deep level of compassion, along with generous servings of tough love, the Traditions staff's mission is personal--to give our clients the chance they deserve at success.

A proven program

Get real-life advice and practical support, based on proven programs such as the Celebrate Recovery, along with cognitive behavior modification and other faith-based work. 

Our Mission

We want to enhance and enrich our community and families by teaching recovered addicts and rehabilitated offenders how to return to society as productive, working members of the community by rebuilding family ties and creating a strong work ethic.

"God never changes his mind about the people he calls and the gifts he gives them."Romans 11:29 (NCV)

Promoting a never changing message in a world that dictates ever changing methods.


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